3D Scanning: Digital Doubles with Props

Digital Doubles need to be accessorized from time to time with digital props. The digital props need to look as real as your character to keep the illusion. This, of course, all depends on how close to the camera the Digital Double and prop gets.

Full Body Scan with Prop, digital double, cyber character

What is a digital prop? It is an item that is built separate from the character, such as a hat, umbrella, gun, holster, or anything that is separate geometry from the digital double.

Props come in all sizes and shapes to support the storytelling process. Some props are extremely complex while others are simplistic. This is why your 3D Scanning company, or modeling company, would like to see a picture or sketch of the prop before bidding.

Buying props off the internet is always a mixed bag. Most are made to look like the item in general. Take care as to how it is constructed and textured. We have found some of them to be difficult and cumbersome to modify to look real, or like the prop is being used in the effect.

3d scan full body, lidar, large vehicle and building

Your Digital Double and the prop is a whole picture. They must support each other in the illusion. New props or overall upgrades coming to models will be Cyber Cloth and Cyber Hair that follow all the laws of dynamics you assign to them. Increased scanning capability is coming to us with new technologies. We are also looking for faster ways that help us deliver great quality in less time.

The future will demand all these changes along with better and faster delivery and communications services. We are all headed there sooner than we think.

Female Warrior, behind the scences, 3d scanning full body, props

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