3D Scanning: Luxury or Necessity?

We have been in the 3D scanning business for many years and have spoken with a lot of people who are both for and against it. Some believe 3D scanning is a luxury, but in reality when you think about the amount of time and money it can save, it is a viable solution.

3D Scanning makes sense when you have a number of characters that need digital doubles in a short period of time, and especially if you need to match them to real actors. However, if the cost of this endeavor does not justify doing the job, then another avenue may be pursued.

3d scanned head

In the early days of 3d scanning, there needed to be a dark environment to scan a model, but now the scanning can be done just about anywhere. When scanning heads, you can also scan a number of expressions that will give you blend shapes or just references for your artists to use if facial performance will be needed. Texture maps, displacement maps, and normal maps are all available as well.

3d scan expressions

You also have the option of taking the scan model as a raw mesh and have your own crew finish it. This will save you from having to buy your own system and maintaining an operator. But if your crew is busy, the scanning team should be able to accommodate your needs fast and efficiently at a cost similar to what you would have paid your own staff.

ful body 3d scan

In the end, it’s your project and you dictate the finished look needed and the number of polygons. This is a service that puts you in control as to how you would like the modeled delivered. As you can see, 3D scanning is not a luxury when you consider the demanding schedules of our clients. It is an absolute necessity to have this service available.


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