How Do Your Buildings and Sets Measure Up?

While scanning buildings, accuracy is often a question that arises, and for good reason. The system we use captures one million points per second. These buildings, which are scanned, will be used as targets to build additional pieces either physically or digitally. This gives the project (film or TV) a real-time blueprint, in which they can safely plan around, saving time.

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Our large-scale scanning system is precise and fast as it creates a virtual copy of reality with millimeter-accuracy. This gives us the ability to acquire our scan data rather quickly so that we can both be out of production’s way and on our way to pre-processing the data. These types of 3D scanners, which can scan large real-world objects, are known as Lidar scanners and are used in dozens of fields because of their accurate measurements. Surveyors are commonly seen using this type of equipment. Ours is highly transportable which allows us to be on-set, as needed.


We use this technology to scan building interiors and exteriors, car interiors and exteriors, trains, planes, and many other objects that would not be practical for other types of scanners. Although the scanner we use is able to capture color information, we prefer to shoot high resolution HD images. This allows us to project the HD reference photography onto the texture maps.

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When in pursuit of 3D scanning, it is highly effective to use one 3D scanning company for all your needs. This will minimize costs and delays, save you time in communicating and reduces the number of people you have on the set. This makes for less things to coordinate and more precise control, which is vital for production.


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