How Would You Like Your Assets Delivered?

Digital assets are created by many different means. Our unique ability to provide last minute 3D scans for a wide range of objects, coupled with various delivery options, is no secret. As a way to fully meet your production needs, TNG Visual Effects remains the most flexible option for 3D scanning services in the entertainment industry as we’re able to be anywhere you need us. So what exactly can we deliver?

full body and head 3d scan, female warrior

Scalable Base Mesh

We can customize a mesh flow to match any poly count which saves on the cost and time associated with processing models at multiple resolutions eliminating the need for a team of modelers to create a character or asset from scratch. The texture map may also be requested at varying resolutions.

Bits and Subsamples for Texture Maps

Ordering high resolution models will allow you the ability to subsample as needed (for example, foreground and background characters or objects for film and media). Another area of flexibility lies in the ability to choose whether the texture will be 8-bits or 16-bits. 16-bit texture maps have more color information, allowing us to supply you with a well-defined, striking texture to go with your 3D model. For contrast, an 8-bit image has 16.8 million color possibilities, however a 16-bit image has 281 trillion color possibilities! The higher level of color information allows for more photo manipulation and control without degradation.

Range of Specs

If you have a number of modelers at your command to develop your character(s), we can give you clean, raw meshes, and they can extrapolate upon them. You will also get buildings, vehicles, props, and anything else you need scanned delivered to your specifications.

Beyond Raw Mesh

Our team is staffed by talented artists who are sculptors, modelers, and texture specialists. They will get you started with 3D scans and see your models through to the level of detail you’ve requested. Your call, raw to ready-to-rig.

The future begins today. Let us give you the best digital assets available for your time, money, location, and exact specifications. There are many solutions, but few will meet all the parameters that define your needs. Our team of scan technicians and artists are here to ensure you get what you need. Let us be your catalyst from concept to reality.

Where is your closest location?

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