Is Mobile 3D Scanning Important?

How mobile is mobile? Some believe being a mobile service means to drive a large truck filled with a lot of equipment. Driving from place to place and taking one or two days to set-up is not our definition of being mobile. It’s more simplistic than that.

Our definition: grab the equipment and head for the door. These days it seems there are a lot of decisions to be made at the last minute. We know it is more about acting instantly to a project than being mobile. If a project is in Maryland, Florida, Texas or Toronto, speed and mobility is of the essence.

Mobile 3D Scanning Services

Here are some things to think about when choosing a mobile service provider.

  1. Are they available to come to your set?
  2. If they need to travel by plane, is their equipment travel size or does the equipment need to be shipped prior to the scanning day? This may require additional charges to the customer.
  3. If the equipment is travel size, will they need to check their bags or can they bring them on the plane? In our experience, if a bag needs to be checked there is the risk of the bag(s) being delayed depending on the size. This may also be an additional charge to the customer.
  4. Have they communicated the amount of space they will need to get the job done?
  5. Are there any special requirements? i.e. does the room/space need to be dark or fully lit?

Mobile 3D Scanning

The best way around all of this is great planning and on-going communication. When the plans change but the time constraints don’t, look for the company that will guarantee their service no matter what comes up.

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