Lidar Scanning of Buildings, Sets and Extensions

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More and more of the movie, TV and even game sets are being scanned and manipulated to match the vision of the director. The scanning team will start off by only scanning the building area of each shot that is set up, and later will add the surface and detail to make them part of the scene. Scanning and saving these sets will cut the cost of going back to a location in the future.

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3D Scanned buildings can be used for set extensions, detail, measurements, Pre-Vis, or whatever the need is.

This type of work saves hours or days of modeling and gives precision data to build extensions and props, such as gargoyles or other accessories as needed, onto or in front of the building. These scans are used to project or make videos of projected themes onto the buildings and can be blown up in war movies, or the like.

Sets that are marked to strike can take advantage of the insurance scanning concept which is to have sets scanned and then archived to eliminate the need for rebuilding.

lidar scan, 3 scan, buildingThe Lidar Scanning, or large area scanning, will also work on more organic settings like a park or country location and can be used for easements, planning and Pre-Viz. The leaves of a tree or other organic items may have to be modeled or generated in a different way, but the Lidar Scanning would be a great place to start.

TNG is in the process of building a database of 3D scans for future needs, call us for more info. Perhaps we already have something you could use.

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