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TNG Visual Effects - 3D Scanning Services

3D Scanning: Buildings and Sets

We are often asked if we can do Lidar scanning, which is large area or building scans, or set scans for movie sets. This also includes cars, trucks, ships, planes, fields and general outside areas.

Let’s look at one type of project scanning – an old time movie theater. We first ask for photos of the theater to get a good scope of the project, then sign the NDA’s, bids, and contract to move forward. We study the building to plan how we will scan it. The first image is a raw file of the scan, in fact a point cloud of the image. We take all of the images scanned and stitch them together to create the object.

Early Stage of Large Area Scans

building scan, raw scan point cloud, surfaced triangulated mesh

In the second image below, you can see that we surfaced the data. Basically, it’s connecting the dots and making triangulated poly’s. This is not a finished model, but a place to start and set up the model for delivery. Most companies we have worked with will take the model from this point as it is – an Obj file that’s ready for re-meshing and texturing.

Second Stage of Large Area Scans

retopologized mesh, textured mesh, lidar scan, building

This shows a very easy and basic set that may help you evaluate your options for your next production when scanned buildings and other objects are needed. The same techniques would be used for a train, an airplane, or any other large structure. There may be some clean up and modeling on parts or areas that were obscured from the scanner which we will do before delivery to give a full scanned and surfaced model.


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Is 3D Scanning Hair Impossible?

At TNG Visual Effects, we’ve developed a new method of 3d scanning for hair. This is quite monumental because it is widely known that scanners have difficulty with hair due to it not being a solid object, among other problems.

The type of hair we can scan will be static, and cannot be animated, but would serve as good reference, or in cases where the hair will not move in a scene. Granted, for humans, it is necessary to manage the hair with a cap or such in order to fully capture the ears. Hair may also be found on props such as rope or a mask. Animals are mostly covered in hair, and should thus capture more easily. We’ve also come across many outfits for production that have hair. As we step into the future, we’ll be debuting new technology and techniques with the intent of nothing but stellar results.


3d scanning hair


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A Holiday in Hollywood

Holidays in Hollywood. Is this possible? Does Hollywood stop at the Holidays to rejoice and celebrate, or do they just go on with business as usual?

laser scanner, lidar scan, 3d scan, train, christmas

Hollywood Parade

At TNG Visual Effects, we stay flexible. We would like to put everyone on holiday but it is Murphy’s law that our biggest project will call. We want to be available for your scanning needs all season. Therefore, everyone here at TNG is on standby. The silver lining is that we are ready for anything. We enjoy the holidays and are ready to go at a moments notice!

There are projects out there already slipping behind schedule that will keep on going right up to Christmas, close down for a day, and get right back to it. It is a shame, but that’s business – the entertainment business that keeps plowing straight ahead to get the content out and move onto the next project.

Whether it is films, TV (commercials and episodic’s), video game trailers, or cinematic’s, the projects keep striving to stay on schedule.

We are happy to help complete your 3D scanning needs fast and efficiently. There is always time for celebration and enjoying the season. So call us and we will get the scanners, reindeer, and red suits out and be there in the wink of an eye!


Where is your closest location?

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We welcome your feedback! Comment on our blog or visit our Facebook page.