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TNG Visual Effects - 3D Scanning Services

5 Ways to Prep for a 3D Scanning Session

Preparing for a 3d scan is a breeze. Production life however is more chaotic because of the many scheduled activities. The right people must be available and things must be synchronized.

Here is a list we put together to help the process run smoothly:

1. Have a Visual Effects person on site with the talent with a detailed list of what needs to be scanned, as well as someone from Wardrobe to ensure they have the correct outfit that will match the scene. Determine if the talent needs their face, head, and/or full body scanned and how each part needs to be scanned: do jackets need to be open, do zippers need to be zipped up or down, does the clothing need to be layered, will their caps/masks need to be scanned separately, should jewelry be on or off, will there be any other props that need scanning? This will make sure the final product looks correct and will eliminate any back and forth during final quality control.

full body 3d scan

2. Determine if facial expressions will be needed. Will the final product need the use of blend shapes or should just a neutral pose be used for the scan?

Facial Expression Capture, 3d scans

3. Consider briefing the talent on what will be scanned. Most are OK whether they know or not, but on occasion a talent has just come out of hair and makeup and the last thing they want to do is put a wig cap over what took hours to create.

4. Coordinate the timing. What are the expectations? Always add additional time as a buffer for unexpected events and situations.

5. Prep for the scanning crew. Their needs are typically small, however it is helpful to have a table for computers and cameras, electricity, some chairs, and a certain amount of room to do the scanning.

full body 3d scan

As you can see there is not a lot of overhead, but when there are a lot of things going on at the same time, this can be more difficult than it needs to be. If done with minimal man power and some planning, it will be an easy operation. Good luck with all of your projects.

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What Else Can 3D Scanning Support?

Over the years we have been called in to work on a number of different projects needing 3D scanning. It is a fast and flexible solution for a number of industries that need to replicate an object or person. We have done scanning for sculptors needing a 3D scan of their art to rescale and/or print for distribution, which is one of our favorite things to scan.

3d scan sculpture

Torc the Boar

We’ve also tapped into the medical industry scanning prosthetics or parts of the human body to create a prosthetic. This can save a lot of time if a negative is needed and if the current method is casting.

In a fitness center or sports arena, there may be a need to scan a person on their first visit to track progress as they build or lose body mass, or as they slim down and tone up. This can also be done to attract customers by showing the results that can be acquired or what can happen if they do nothing.

Full Body 3D Scan

Industrial markets have been using 3D scanning more and more to double check their work, making sure all parts meet their specs. Plus, the scanning of a working power plant helps in the design of different strategies, like an emergency evacuation, part replacement and overall efficiency. They may want to use scanning to measure pipe volume to determine capacity or distance between parts to help find weak points, etc.

Architects use 3D scanning to help them understand the interior layout of a space or building to find out how to get a better visualization. The exterior of a building or home can also be scanned for historical design preservation, or to find out the exact measurements to build extensions or to enhance a design.

lidar scan_white house

3D scanning can even be used as an educational tool that provides a way for students to understand how to work with digital models, and to show them how to quickly create a more efficient work flow and a more accurate model.

3d scanning services, 3d printing

As you can see, the imagination is the only limitation to what can be done with 3D scanners. Of course the more accurate data you need, the better the 3d scanner needs to perform. Your 3D scanning service bureau would be more than happy to select the scanner that best meets your needs.


Where’s your closest TNG location?

tng vfx locations

We welcome your feedback! Comment on our blog or visit our Facebook page.