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TNG Visual Effects - 3D Scanning Services

The Fast and The Furious in Entertainment

In the entertainment industry you need to think on your feet as you process through your project. While almost everything is planned in pre-meetings, what do you do when the unforeseen happens? Unless you can think of a quick-fix like MacGyver, you need to have a back-up plan.

full body 3d scanning, superhero

Working in the television and film industry, specifically in visual effects, the producers, visual effects teams and all other support teams face these situations on a daily basis. To keep the show or film running on schedule, they must react immediately and have a Plan B in place.

Lidar scanned charger

Here are some services that can be a part of your Plan B (or initial plan) if you’re working with digital models.

3D Scanning: there are several ways to build out a digital model, but the fastest is to begin with a raw, cleaned up 3D scan. When using 3D scanning to create a realistic computer generated model, you will begin with the exact dimensions of the character or object you are creating. This eliminates any guess work and cuts down on time. You are also granted realistic folds in clothing that show exactly how they hang on the human skeleton frame along with their natural silhouette.

Lidar Scanning: lidar scanning is used to re-create large areas, environments, and/or vehicles. As with any digital asset, these can be inserted into any scene or can assist in building out a set digitally. Grabbing accurate measurements of the space gives an artist a great starting point.

lidar scan of building

Insurance Scanning: if you are unsure if you will need a set or digital double in the future, another option is to scan all characters, objects and sets and archive them until they are needed. Archived 3D scans can even be pulled up years later for other projects that use the same or similar characters, sets, props, or vehicles.

MELIKA-COMPARISON 3d scanned boat

Some issues can be fixed by being handy, but when Duck Tape isn’t working the next step is knowing who to call that can get the job done without killing the budget.

We are amazed to see so many shows on TV and on the big screen that look like real life situations but with superheroes, aliens, talking animals, and the list goes on. Kudos to all the wizards in Visual Effects.


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VFX Takes Music Videos to a Whole New Level

Music industry artists have been incorporating special effects and visual effects in their music videos since Herbie Hancock’s iconic 1984 music video, Rockit, which was one of the first winners in the Best Special Effects category for music videos.

rockit music video

In 2013, indie pop group, Capital Cities took home the MTV Video Music Award for Best Visual Effects for the work done on their Safe and Sound video. In 2011, David Guetta’s music video Turn Me On featuring Nicki Minaj was a nominee in the Best Visual Effects category, which was really exciting for us since we did some of the 3D scanning for it.

When considering using visual effects in your music video project, there are a variety of tools and services you can you use to speed up the process. Here are some tips if you decide to go the 3D scanning route.

Tip #1: Know what you want from the start. This may seem simple, but can often be difficult as the project unfolds.

Tip #2: Be specific and detailed when explaining what or who is being scanned. To make sure the 3d scanning crew captures what you need, give full details ahead of time about what they will be scanning and what you expect the final product to look like.

Tip #3: Let the 3d scanning crew know how much time they have to scan and deliver the product. There are certain clothing items that take more time to scan and replicate such as lacy items, transparent material, and anything black and shiny.

It’s a thrilling time to be in the entertainment industry and with visual effects technology continually evolving, the possibility of producing even greater vfx work is endless.

List of Music Video Award Winners in the Best Visual Effects Category

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