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TNG Visual Effects - 3D Scanning Services

3D Scanning Vehicles: What Moves You?

Vehicles often require visual effects and are a hot item for many video games, commercials and feature films. Scanning a vehicle is an exciting process and our crew has a passion for working on cars. Previously, it was a time consuming effort to maintain proportions and avoid any form of distortion, however, with today’s technology objects are now captured with their correct proportions.

There are a number of ways to get a digital vehicle. One option is to get the Autocad files and build off of the cad files provided, typically by the car manufacturer (though they’re not always available). We have heard some companies swear by them and their specs. Another possible avenue is to purchase them from the internet, but you need to be very critical here as they may not be the best models. Lastly, you can have them scanned, which is helpful if there is no cad data or model available.

chevelle, 3d scan, vehicle scan, lidar scan

As culture changes, vehicles change, and we aim to provide the highest in quality 3D scans. We have scanned and processed cars, trains, buses, and planes, and we’re able to scan most types of vehicles as size is not an issue. Our only requirement is that we are given enough time and accessibility to scan. We want to give you the vehicle you want at the quality you need.

lidar scan_dodge charger

Likewise, to scan both the interior and exterior of a building, time and accessibility are vital to provide the quality data you require. Our environmental 3D scanner captures colored pictures for reference, and we also have a photo shoot to create a texture map and high-resolution reference pictures. Using our low-profile laser scanner helps us stay mobile so we can scan any location you need digitally captured. We also have an inclinometer that accounts for uneven ground, so no area is off limits.

lidar scan of old building

We’ll be charging our lasers so when you give the word, we’ll be there to replicate your sets, vehicles and environments.

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Do Game Companies Use the Same 3D Models as Film and Television?

The answer is yes, game companies use the same 3D models as film and television, and your 3D character should be high resolution in the cinematics (short film at the start and in between levels).  High resolution is also required for game trailers. The great thing about a 3D scanned character is the ability to reduce the poly count to be interactive with other characters for game play. The use of ZBrush gives you the ability to go back in history (or quickly do subdivisions) to increase the poly count. Just like in the movies or in TV, as the character gets closer to the camera the resolution increases.

While you are 3D scanning your characters, ask for facial expressions. They will give your animation team valuable information as to what the muscles in the face, forehead, and jaw do when the character smiles or grimaces in pain. Having the scanned expression enables your team to morph or blend these expressions quickly, and easily, using the same poly count and point order.

film quality, textured, game quality

Film Quality        Textured      Game Quality

Whether your project is for film, TV, games, or a combination, one model can be used several times. Get the most out of your character by featuring it in a film and/or game, then move it into a commercial, or music video. Change poly counts or re-texture and all the elements are there for you. These assets can be used for years if you consider franchises, episodics (building new clothes for each episode), and other differing markets that require the same character.

Follow these tips to help increase the impact of your project. Remember to begin your scan by considering how far you want to take your 3D character. Through the meticulous use of your characters, you will discover many applications for your 3D model. 3D scanning is here to save you time and money.

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3D Scanning: Replicate Your World

3D scanning is the science of using various types of scanning technology to scan objects and turn them into “digital assets.” Whether your digital assets are created via a small handheld scanner, or a machine that has to be transported, the amount and types of digital assets you can create are limitless. Here are a few examples of objects your 3D scanning company should have experience creating:

  • Dynamic Objects: People, Animals, Zombies
  • Large Static Objects: Buildings, Sets, Environments
  • Transport Objects: Automobiles, Ships, Trains, Planes
  • Props or Miscellaneous Objects: Guns, Weapons, Jewelry
3d scanned props

No job too big, too small, or too awesome.

 It is recommended you use your 3D scanning company as a single source vendor to meet your needs. Keep it simple. Having one direct contact (who can provide high level customer support) for all your 3D scanning needs will simplify the process. You should also feel confident knowing your scan team has experience troubleshooting in the field.  You shouldn’t even have to ask whether or not your scan team will have back-up equipment on site. A good 3D scanning company won’t leave home without it!

The many facets of the entertainment industry are not lost on 3D scanning. Scans are useful in TV episodics, mini-series, commercials, game cinematics, trailers, and previs. Or, let your game developer begin working on your video game while you’re still shooting scenes for the main title. Asset reuse across various markets is also an attractive factor as to why your production needs cost effective 3D scans.

3D scanning is now more important than ever for creating varying degrees of visual effects shots. This technique gives the director and writer the ability to translate their story more precise to their vision. No more crashing expensive cars or wasting money on props that can’t be reused. The possibilities are greater than ever.

Go ahead, 3D scan your world. What will you replicate next?

3d scanned angel statue

The applications for your 3D scans are endless.


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Get What You Need! Raw Scan to Ready-to-Rig Model

Let us paint a picture. The decision to have 3D scanning done for your project has been made, and thanks to your impeccable planning and choosing of a vendor who was easy to work with, you’ve had all your characters scanned without incident. Now what?

Let’s evaluate your resources. Do you have the time to work on these models in-house? If so, can your team take the scans from ‘raw data’ to ‘fully textured’ models on schedule? If you have a staff of modelers, you can put them to work immediately and get ahead on your model development.

swat team member full head scan

Raw to Ready to Rig

On the other hand, if you are doing multiple projects and your resources are being used elsewhere, or you just don’t want to hassle with any part of the 3D model production process, your 3D scanning service company should be able to help you out.

Some 3D scanning service companies will take your models from creation in the scanning session, all the way to preparing them for rigging. In fact, some may even be able to rig the model. This service will enable you to get through projects faster. With your 3D scanning service company providing ready-to-rig models, your team can focus on other parts of your project. Just make sure your 3D scanning service company has a copy of your preferred wire-frame set-up to avoid any unnecessary back-end edits.

raw to ready to rig

Raw to Ready to Rig

Your CFO may want to run an analysis to compare the costs and determine if there are savings available. Remember, time is money. When your 3D scanning service company provides a full range of services for you, you’ve automatically increased the size of your team. As your team stays focused on other aspects of the project, the time you’ll save will be beneficial. While a cost/time analysis may seem like a chore, we believe in the end you’ll be satisfied when you see the potential savings.

The bottom line is: Get what you need! Go raw, or rig the project in your favor.

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One Stop Shop Scanning

You’ve heard of 3D scanning people, props and maybe an animal here and there, but what if you wanted to scan an entire Ark to house these characters? How about several store fronts along a sea port, or perhaps a 350 foot cargo ship? Yes, we know that script sometimes calls for props in all shapes and sizes.

Lidar scanning on site, battle ship

There are quite a few 3d scanning companies that offer lidar scanning, or large area scanning, but the key is to find a company that can meet all of your 3d scanning needs, big and small. That way you can get all the data you need from one place, rather than having to coordinate with several companies, not to mention having to negotiate with all of them.

Building exteriors and interiors for sets give production the ability to first use them as pre-vis and then as rendered backgrounds. The same goes for ships, airplanes, tanks and any other item you may need for your environment. Scanning a set before it is taken down is a great insurance policy in case you need it as background for a shot in the future. Having a building or area 3D scanned will also give you the exact measurements which you may find helpful when matching the set to the needs of the film or situation.

lidar scan building

We continue working on our database of digital assets and look forward to the day that we have enough buildings, ships and other vehicles to cover most of what production needs. In the meantime, we are always available to scan your buildings, sets, and anything else you need. We are mobile, flexible and affordable, and will provide you with not only a usable asset, but a good quality one.

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