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TNG Visual Effects - 3D Scanning Services

3D Scanning for Commercials

Here are a couple of commercials we did the 3D scanning for.

3d scan chevelle, lidar scan
toyota, commercial, 3d scan, full body scan

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What is the Cost of Insuring Your Digital Assets?

What are we talking about when we mention digital asset or 3D scanning insurance? To most, these are relatively new terms. Digital asset or 3D scanning insurance is having raw scan data of characters and sets from your project stored in a place that is easily accessible, and that can be retrieved and built, if needed. This is important from a cost standpoint, if nothing else. If you have a character who is injured in the middle of filming, or worst case passes away such as Brandon Lee in The Crow and Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight, you need to find a way to finish the project, and for your investors to have a chance at recovering their investment.

Perhaps a character goes through an unanticipated transition, or another shot popped up in post that needs a clean character face, think about the cost of getting that actor back versus the cost of reconstructing them. The same goes for sets, cars and trucks – all of these items could and can be scanned and archived in the event their needs come to fruition. Wouldn’t you rather have it in your back pocket than to think about about what it would cost you?

3d scan chevelle, lidar scan

The most cost effective strategy is to have a 3D scanning team scan all characters, props and sets while they are still on set, and while the set is still up. These scans can be archived and retrieved, as needed. Episodics are great examples because of their many characters. We have worked on a number of these and scanned one character at a time, as needed.

As productions get faster and budgets get tighter, more ways will be found to be efficient, to save money, and to get the data you need when you need it. A little planning and consideration of the possibilities give you options that can be the difference between staying within budget and going over. Ask us about our Digital or 3D Scanning Insurance options.


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Building Character

dynamic cloth test

We build 3D characters for an array of uses and with all sorts of looks, sizes, ethnic groups, with clothing and with out clothing for movies, commercials and video games. A request for a 3D character is like a casting call, but in reality what we create is a copy or simulation of real life. We are characters ourselves in the real world and have unique facial expressions from the details of our eyes, to the way our lips move or smile, to how our nose will crinkle at a certain smell. Perfecting all of these details is not easy as the face or head of a character is not perfect. When you start looking at a face through a computer, you begin to notice that a face is not symmetrical and that one eye is bigger than the other, and the nostrils and the ears are different shapes. You also realize you cannot construct only half the face and flip it because it will look unnatural (unless it is a background person).

3d head scan

Building a character is my favorite part of 3D Scanning, and blending shapes or adding expressions opens up a whole new world. There are many things to consider when requesting a 3D character. Should the character have a certain stance for marketing, or display a certain mood such as love, anger, defiance or acceptance? Should the clothing be layered, soiled or crisp? Does the character need accessories such as jewelry, weapons, or instruments? Will the character have cyber hair making it more realistic? All of these decisions will bring the character closer to the emulation of reality.

expressions, 3d head scan

More than just wishing upon a star, the next step of course is for the Mocap people to break out their latest systems and software and bring your character to life. All of this effort is to give a unique performance of technology to enhance the viewing of spectacular action. What a great time to be involved in the building of cyber worlds.


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3D Scanning for Music Videos

Last year we worked on David Guetta’s music video for Turn Me On featuring Nicki Minaj. Check it out!

full body 3d scan, nicki minaj, david guetta

David Guetta – Turn Me On ft. Nicki Minaj


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Are Your Characters Spending Your Budget?

3D scanning characters can either be expensive or more cost effective for your project depending on how, when and where they are scanned.

We have experienced production needing a 3D scan of an actor after they had already left the show, and the cost for having them return for a scan was too expensive. We know there are a hundred ways to accomplish almost anything on a project, but if this particular actor was scanned in pre-production or between scenes, there would have been no extra cost or cause for worry.

ra data, low resolution remesh, medium resolution remesh, high resolution remesh

One suggestion that also acts as an insurance policy is to scan all of the main characters in the event their scan is needed later. These scans can then be archived until the processed data is needed. If you’ve found yourself rushing at the last minute on a project, consider the insurance policy service. It is the least expensive compared to last minute orders. Visual Effects Supervisors have confirmed that having the 3D scans readily available in post saved them a lot of work and time.

Below are some considerations to make when planning your 3D scanning.


Cut costs by performing your 3D scans in a studio. This saves you on associated costs of travel and on-site scanning fees.


If you have your own modeling team, just order the clean, raw scan. Then it’s a simple calculation of determining which type of 3D model is the most cost effective.


Consider the down time of the talent on set and schedule a team of scan technicians accordingly. This will save money and alleviate stress for the Producer, Art Director and talent.

We know you have a lot more to think about than 3D scanning your characters. Our goal is to make our service as efficient as possible. We guarantee our work and look forward to helping you experience 3D scanning at its best.

More Ways to Save: Discuss the Specs Before Your 3D Scan

  • What type of hair will your 3D models feature?
  • Will talent be in a wig cap?
  • Does the wardrobe to be scanned include clothes with reflective qualities?
  • Will you be animating cloth?
  • What is your delivery schedule?


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