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TNG Visual Effects - 3D Scanning Services

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Laser Scanning Captures Objects in True 3D

More organizations are realizing the potential of laser scanning technology for being able to quickly and effectively capture detailed 3D information of their objects of interest, whether it is an entire street scene, an entire set, a single building, or a single artifact.

lidar scan_carousel

The results of the laser scanning process are millions of captured points to a very high level of accuracy which can also include color data that recreates the captured object in true 3D. Often over 3 billion points will be used to capture a buildings precise layout, capturing every unique feature.

Sufficient building detail is also captured through scanning and the overlaying of digital photography. This enables the production of a virtual tour of a historic site, and allows the creation of highly accurate graphic drawings.

lidar scan_white house

Scanning can also be used to compare damage and erosion to existing structures by comparing the current 3D capture to a previously laser scanned model. This allows conservationists and interested parties to plan for maintenance and refurbishment more accurately.

lidar scan_brown house

Organizations such as UNESCO/CYARK and English Heritage are currently using detailed 3D laser scans of world heritage sites in order to record and preserve unique areas of public interest, allowing more people to be able to view the sites through digital media as well as accurately preserve the details of each site as currently found.

Article and images courtesy of Gary Ponting

Where’s your closest TNG location?

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Batman: Arkham Knight Video Game Trailer

Congrats to Blur for an awesome Batman: Arkham Knight trailer. Thanks for letting us be a part of your continued success!

Batman Arkham Knight, video games

Where’s your closest TNG location?

tng vfx locations

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The Benefits of Satellite Locations

As most of you have read over the past few years, more and more studios have started filming outside of Los Angeles. Some say because of the attractive tax credits in other locations, and others argue the settings and talent available. There is much debate on seeing more productions leaving Los Angeles, but this is how we see it. Yes the tax credits are a big incentive and these locations want to put their people to work, thus creating jobs and supplying more business to local businesses. It also puts them on the map, showing the world the beauty their city has to offer, which brings in a whole new clientele.

bourbon street, louisiana

Bourbon Street, LA

Since TNG first began in 2010, we made it our goal to have several satellite offices around North America to make using our services the most cost effective and flexible no matter where a project was being filmed. We also made sure to provide a service that was mobile so that if the talent couldn’t leave the set, we could come to them. We understand the needs of our customers, and doing this keeps our company viable in the global market.

vancouver, bc

Vancouver, BC

Here are the benefits we’ve seen our customers take advantage of, and how we’ve benefited from having satellite locations:

Tax Incentives. Depending on where you are located, the project location could make or break your budget. It makes sense to choose a location that is the least costly, but also unique making your project stand out.

Travel Expenses & Response Rate. By using local businesses for services needed during your project, there are no travel expenses to worry about, such as airfare, hotel stay, transportation, per diem, etc. The wait time for deliverables may be less, helping your project stay on schedule.

Preferred 3D Scan Provider. We have become the preferred provider of 3d scanning services because we are flexible and cost effective. We have benefited greatly by having our services available at a moment’s notice which has helped production stay on schedule and within budget.

Toronto Skyline

Toronto Skyline

We are in the business of serving our customers and meeting their needs. As this industry evolves, so will we, continually staying ahead of the curve.

Where’s your closest TNG location?

tng vfx locations

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The Journey from Pilot to Episodic


pilot season logo


What needs to happen for a Pilot to evolve into an Episodic? There are a great number of pitches that get whittled down to about 70 per network. After further filtering, about two dozen pilots are ordered per network to further evaluate. By the end of this process, only about 6 pilots go on to do a series. Survival rates are low in the first season with only a couple making a second season per network, according to a number of sources.

It is quite the undertaking for networks to go through this process each year. The upside is viewers like us get to see some amazing programs that are the best of the best by the time they make it to a second season. The downside is the colossal work that goes into these pilots, regardless if they make it to the TV screen.


With so many pilots on the front end, there is competition to produce great impressive work. You have everything from known talent, special effects, and visual effects to wardrobe, crew, and other things needed to complete a pilot.

We have provided 3D scans of characters, places, and buildings for several pilots and episodics and have seen the level of detail and dedication of each team. To continue being a part of this process, we are offering SPECIAL PRICING FOR PILOTS as they have smaller budgets, and we want to help them put together a show that will capture viewers early on and get it past the evaluation stage. There are many ways and opportunities to use 3D scanning technology.

once upon a time, once upon a time in wonderland, agents of shield, sleepy hollow

Good luck to all the companies working hard in this industry, and keep us in mind as part of your solution for success.


Where’s your closest TNG location?

tng vfx locations

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