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TNG Visual Effects - 3D Scanning Services

What is the Cost of Creating a Character?

You chose visual effects because you know you can create anything as long as it’s in your budget. Need photo-realistic 3D models? Adding in mocap or necessary services to make your project come alive may make your budget seem bleaker than you originally thought.

blend wireframe, 3d head scan, facial scan

Let’s say you’ve got ten characters that need to be 3D scanned. You want these in high enough detail so you can start using them for tests, trailers, etc. It already feels like you’re going to break your budget. We’ve got suggestions to help you get the data you need.

Partner Up – Best case scenario: You’re developing the game while the film is in production. From concept to Post, these projects will maintain fluid replication and you will have someone to split the costs with.

Quantity Discount – You remember this one, right? The more you spend, the more you save.

Data Storage – Not sure exactly what you want in digital? If your production has potential for any possible scene changes, just have your 3D scanning service provider scan anything you might possibly need as a CG model. Order the data when you need it.

Head Scans – The 3D scanning service provider that specializes in photo-realistic heads can give you a good clean model quickly. You can take the fraction you’ve saved and use other specialists to finish the work.

Raw to Ready to Rig, 3d head scan

Raw Scans – This is an option as long as the VFX facility you choose to do clean up and textures with has a pipeline compatible with 3D scanned models. Are their costs any less than your 3D scanning service provider?

If none of the options above are beneficial to your project, talk to your 3D scanning service provider to determine how they can customize your order to help you. There could be other bargaining chips out there that you haven’t considered. Get the conversation started and figure out how you will get the best with your budget. Great characters are worth it.


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3D Scanning Services: Replicating Anything You Need

Is it enough to say we provide 3D scanning services? We think not! We do much more in order to be a real service provider. Service providers could be more direct and hassle-free if they use a method designed to get the best out of their people and equipment. This is true for most industries. As a professional, you know your job.

3d head scan, polygons

We’ve recently added partial services to our list of services available. We know sometimes you can get scans from other companies that are less than stellar, or not what you requested and your resources have been depleted, but you still need to complete your project. We can carry that momentum. We will pick up the data from a point cloud, raw scan, or remesh. If the texture mapping was done poorly, it may need to be retextured. We can do that, too!

We have had this request a few times in the past. Most companies will deliver good data, however, we’ve run across jobs that require our expertise for only certain parts of the 3D modeling process. Perhaps some data on a future project completed in another country does not meet their demo quality, or your expectations. That is where we might help the most. We have an established internal pipeline and can process scan-related data more quickly than other houses, plus our Zbrush or Mud Box sculptors can get your model back on track.

lidar scan, 3 scan, building

Remember to include us in any bids- whether you need complete 3D models or partial services to repair poor data. Our specialties are people, animals, props, car interiors, car exteriors, trucks, trains, planes, and buildings (facade, interior, or the entire exterior). We also include a full professional photo shoot. The photography is shot with a high-resolution 20 megapixel camera that has a polarizing lens to reduce highlights. The concept is to maintain even lighting while keeping in mind that environmental lighting will usually be added later for a more realistic simulation of light. We shoot in raw format, so we are able to convert our images to any format our client desires (jpeg, tiff, etc).

Lastly, we pride ourselves on being both conveniently mobile and flexible. You know how these projects are constantly a moving target – here today and somewhere else tomorrow. It moved up a week and then back two weeks. Can you work on the weekends and holidays, or can you be on a plane tomorrow and work nights? These are questions we hear often. We believe a timely response is a key indicator of the level of service you will continue to receive from your 3D scanning service provider.

3d scan, lidar scan train

Whether you need complete 3D scanning services, or partial services to get your models back on track, we are so sure of our service we guarantee all our work. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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The VFX Shoot for Texture Maps

Reference pictures are taken in Visual Effects to create texture maps. There are a number of outcomes to keep in mind. It has become a craft in its own right. It is more than getting your point-and-shoot out of your pocket – no matter how many megapixels it can shoot.

Great texture maps come from using the proper f-stops, apertures, camera lenses, lighting, etc. What is the effect you need? What is the outcome you’re looking for? Will you be requiring specular maps, displacement maps, normal maps, cavity maps, ambient occlusion maps, or some other type of map for your object or model?

The one we are constantly hearing about is for Cross-Polarization photography and specular maps.  This calls for a cross-polarizing lens and cross-polarizing Mylar to be used on your lights. By adjusting your lens on the camera back-and-forth, you can get the polarized look of no highlights on the talent and readjust the lens by 90 degrees to get the specular look.

specular cross-polarized

It is also very important to keep an even lighting on the subject as to prepare a flat lit model in production so that they can light the item or talent in their system with the proper conditions of the created environment.

This process gives our customers what they need.  We also shoot in raw as well as jpeg, to give us the ability to adjust the image if needed via white balance and other photographic manipulation.

As the saying goes, “The devil is in the details,”  however, the details are not always accessible. A professional photo shoot must be done with the 3D pipeline in regard, therefore you need to plan your shoot, and shoot your plan.


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tng vfx locations

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3D Scanning: Digital Doubles with Props

Digital Doubles need to be accessorized from time to time with digital props. The digital props need to look as real as your character to keep the illusion. This, of course, all depends on how close to the camera the Digital Double and prop gets.

Full Body Scan with Prop, digital double, cyber character

What is a digital prop? It is an item that is built separate from the character, such as a hat, umbrella, gun, holster, or anything that is separate geometry from the digital double.

Props come in all sizes and shapes to support the storytelling process. Some props are extremely complex while others are simplistic. This is why your 3D Scanning company, or modeling company, would like to see a picture or sketch of the prop before bidding.

Buying props off the internet is always a mixed bag. Most are made to look like the item in general. Take care as to how it is constructed and textured. We have found some of them to be difficult and cumbersome to modify to look real, or like the prop is being used in the effect.

3d scan full body, lidar, large vehicle and building

Your Digital Double and the prop is a whole picture. They must support each other in the illusion. New props or overall upgrades coming to models will be Cyber Cloth and Cyber Hair that follow all the laws of dynamics you assign to them. Increased scanning capability is coming to us with new technologies. We are also looking for faster ways that help us deliver great quality in less time.

The future will demand all these changes along with better and faster delivery and communications services. We are all headed there sooner than we think.

Female Warrior, behind the scences, 3d scanning full body, props

Where is your closest location?

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