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TNG Visual Effects - 3D Scanning Services

From Statue to Real Life – Texturing for 3D Models

Do your artists possess the talent required to get the most out of reference photos and software like Mari and Photoshop?

To begin building your textures, it’s best to start with the highest resolution photos. We capture raw images in our photography and process them to ensure that the white balance, exposure, and any other needed adjustments are made prior to texturing. We output the images as non-compressed tiffs so that the final delivered texture has no unnecessary compression which degrades the colors and details. When shooting photography, we opt for cross polarization filters to eliminate highlights if necessary, or use a macro lens if we’re dealing with small objects. The reason to use cross polarization is to end up with a flat texture that can be lit later to match the lighting conditions of the film, television or game project.


To apply the texture on the 3D model, UV’s must be set down. Based on your project, you may want to use a variety of maps to get the effect you desire. Our most commonly asked for texture maps are diffuse (color), normal maps, and displacement maps. Ambient occlusion maps, specular maps, and cavity maps are available upon request.

full body 3d scan

Likewise, the size of the texture can be suited to your needs. Regardless of your desired output, we’ll texture at a high resolution and downsize it to your needs or keep it as high as necessary. The most asked for resolution on texture maps is 4k (4096×4096).

Textures give your model life. Whether your artists drink Xango juice or not, your 3D scanning company should offer customization and specifications to meet your needs. Top notch texture maps will make you think, “Yea, that’s my model!” Go ahead, you can say it…Winning!


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3D Scanning Services: Have It Your Way!

If you have a strong team of modelers, and proprietary topology, you may want your 3D scanning company to only deliver raw scans. If your 3D scanning company also provides the reference pictures, you may also want to request them separately and at a high resolution since you will probably need to UV and re-texture the model anyway. This could be a cost-effective measure based on the project budget. However, if your resources are an issue, your 3D scanning company should be able to provide you with a textured re-meshed model. This would only leave you with the rigging of the characters. It will be prudent to have the CG Lead send your scanning company a wire-frame that your riggers can use right from the scan, saving you time and money.

swat, full body scan, wireframe

Time schedules are also a useful measure to ensure prompt delivery of your models. Proper scheduling enables you to prioritize your characters. Your 3D scanning company understands that priorities change, projects become halted, and can undergo major transitions throughout the process. This experience allows your 3D scanning company to give you the flexibility you need in order to complete your project.

swat team member full head scan

Working closely with your 3D scanning company is imperative to ensure proper and timely delivery of your models. Communicate clearly and frequently as you work together to complete the project.


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Celebrity English Interviews TNG Visual Effects Founder Nick Tesi

Nick Tesi, Founder of TNG Visual Effects, talks about how he entered into the Visual Effects Industry, how TNG came about, and what it takes to be an artist or scan technician at TNG in this interview by Alex Graham of Celebrity English.

3d scanning prosthetics, alien

Alex Graham: Please tell us a bit about yourself and TNG Visual Effects.

Nick Tesi: I came from the area of selling hardware and software to the 3D graphics arena based on PC work stations, and in their earlier days based on silicon graphics work stations.  From there I went into motion capture. I was with the first motion capture facility in Los Angeles and we were doing a lot of work in the gaming arena, if you will, and then from there I moved into 3D scanning.

“I was one of the earliest people in that as well. I try to stay on the leading edge, or as some people call the bleeding edge of technology.”

Then prior to coming into TNG, prior to 2010, I ran a company called Eyetronics. They were out of Belgium and were a 3D scanning hardware manufacturer. After a year of trying to sell the hardware, we had discussed selling a service based on their hardware. Then we took that direction and that seemed to be a much better model to work with. I moved from selling out of my living room to selling from an office to expanding into a bigger office space with more people. At the end of the decade, 2009, they started taking a different direction that I really didn’t want to go in. I didn’t see their vision. I wanted to stay in providing services in 3D scanning so I started my own company as of 2010, and that is what I have been working on.

Alex: Fantastic industry background! Can you tell me what the difference between Special Effects and Visual Effects is?

Nick: Yes, I sure can! In talking to the industry…

Click here to read the full interview

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Can You Buy Fashion?

Yes you can. However, does this fashion meet your personal taste? How do your rate your taste in today’s market? These are the questions you need to ask yourself. Of course we look to fashion magazines, girlfriends and boyfriends, and trends in the market, but it is up to you whether you follow the trends or try to make your own fashion statement.

Full Body Scan with Props

What does all this have to do with the art of visual effects, 3d characters, computer graphics and the like? As we scan our models, they are dressed in all sorts of apparel. Some they like, and some they don’t, therefore we are looking to build a library of items they can choose from to add to their character to give them more variety.

3d scanned jacket

Another area of interest is in 3d scanning shoes, boots, slippers, etc – a full line of footwear that can be displayed, rotated and shown in different color variations by companies that specialize in shoes and apparel. Other items are hats, gloves, blouses, pants, coats, and the list goes on.

3d head scan, digital character, scarf

This caters to manufacturing companies that want to put their full line of shoes and apparel out at once to give consumers the ultimate in selection. The consumer is then able to fully customize what they want to purchase.

3d scanned boots

This is all in our search to add new markets and uses for 3D scanning services that both service the entertainment market and also the more general markets. In going back to the question of fashion, wouldn’t you want to have the choice of showcasing your design that is customizable for your costumer? This could be an opportunity to show the world YOUR idea of fashion.


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Episodics On TV Have Become More Visionary

We have been honored to be a part of several new and returning episodics this year. The companies that bid on the pilots and jump into this market not only have nerves of steel, but have extremely creative ideas on how to bring the directors concepts and vision to life.

once upon a time, once upon a time in wonderland, agents of shield, sleepy hollow

The visuals need to be created at a fast pace in order to serve the episodic world. As the plot continues each week, so does constant planning and executing to get the job done. The trusted vendors and production houses are challenged with staying on target and within budget with their deliveries. Needless to say, their job is not an easy one.

Our hats go off to these tireless workers. They bring quality work that rivals film (with a lot less time and money) to our TV screens every week. Of course their mission is different than film, but their accomplishments are still amazing.

We find the episodic world to be fast and demanding, and a part of the industry that we cannot take our eyes off. If we start getting busy with film, commercials or game trailers, we still need to be on our game for the next character, prop or whatever the series calls for to scan and deliver on schedule.

The more vision and creativity the director and writers have, the more work that comes to our location. Even when there is no budget left, the sheer determination of the crew finds a way of getting it done. You can say it is the magic of visual effects, but it’s more so the magic of a truly gifted group.


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