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TNG Visual Effects - 3D Scanning Services

Pre-Vis To Full Building Scans

Identifying the needs of production early on is important when providing 3D scanning services. 3D scans can be used in previs by capturing an entire building, inside and out, and having it eventually developed into the final shot. Perhaps you have several buildings that need scanning, or a few crashed vehicles that are in the middle of a scene, all of this can be scanned quickly and efficiently, and replicated for your final shot.

building scan

We have been asked a number of times to scan sets that need to be taken down so new sets can be built. These scanned sets can then be edited, added to, or recreated in the event something changes and a clean set is needed.

tng cg town, lidar scanning, 3d scanning

What about vehicles? Perhaps you need a train or an airplane to crash into a car or truck. You may want to use a 3D scanned version of these items so they are not destroyed, and so that the shot can be taken several times. This way you are sure to get the director to sign off and agree that their vision is being captured.

3d scanned train

In our experience, scanning sets and vehicles for virtual use is the most cost effective solution for production when working on a project. We are always looking for better ways to bring you solutions that are within budget and delivered on time.


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Digital Assets: 3D Scanning Props

Props come in all shapes and sizes and are necessary elements for movies and other forms of entertainment. They are an integral part of the storytelling process. Last year we participated in a demo that presented a real bow propelling a virtual arrow. It’s definitely better to be on the receiving end of a virtual arrow than a real one!

Along with scanning a prop, there are other things to consider like the availability of the prop, the safety of the prop, the purpose of the prop, etc. It’s also important to balance the needs of production along with the artists’ abilities. For some projects (although an artist is skilled enough), it is not necessary to model every detail of a prop. For example, it can take up to a week to complete a 3D scanned gun with only a single modeler working on it. We carefully communicate the needs of our clients to keep projects on target.

3d scanned gun3D scanned gun

3D scanning helps propel the speed of 3D model creation, especially when the resources to model are in short supply. But it also brings with it the same list of challenges affecting other scans. Consider the spokes on a bicycle wheel, are they shiny or transparent? To cover any data not picked up by the scanner due to reflection and material width, some modeling will be done to complete the project. All of these obstacles are overcome in order to keep the project moving forward.

We have created virtual props for commercials such as food products that were packaged and without packaging. Whatever objects you need, we’re here to build your virtual world, one 3D scan at a time.

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3D Scanning for Everyone

3D scanning usually involves capturing characters and/or props to create digital assets for film sets, episodics, commercials, videos games, and music videos. If you have been following our blogs, you will know that the Visual Effects Industry is where we have shined over the last few years, but you may not know that we’ve also provided our services to museums, government owned landmarks, and most recently the manufacturing and merchandising industry. 3D scanning services can be used by any company or individual who wants or needs to create a digital asset of an existing piece. We are happy to be the portal between the real world and the 3D world, and to ensure proportions, likeness, and integrity are paramount.

Here are some examples of how different industries can use 3D scanning.

1. Manufacturing and Merchandising Industry. Scanning apparel and accessories for virtual display is a perfect way to showcase your pieces and to brand your company. The scanned pieces can be used across the internet on websites such as QVC, eBay, Amazon.com, Zappos.com, etc. With the majority of consumers shopping online, and with the Holidays coming up, this is a fast and easy way to show your customers all angles, details, and colors of your products, which may reduce the percentage of returned items.

3d scanned boot

2. Museums. Museums find 3D scanning useful for several reasons. After an artifact is scanned, the museum has the option of digitally archiving the individual pieces for future use or review. This is a type of insurance policy in the event of erosion, of a piece being damaged, or of accidental breakage. The scan can also be used to create replicas of the original art. Another option is to build a digital museum of all the artifacts available for the public to view the art in 360°.

3d scanned dollhead

3. Government Owned Landmarks and Public Art. We can scan landmarks such as monuments, public art, seals, etc. and can create a digital copy for digital display, to create a replica, or to digitally archive.

3d scanned chain reaction

4. Sculptors. Sculptors and the like can have their art scanned and archived, or scanned and ready for virtual display for art shows, their website, or to create a replica to sell to fans.

3d scanned sculpture, 3d scanning services

5. 3D Printing. 3D printing companies can use our services to create the .stl scan file needed to print a 3D model. If you’re interested in 3D printing, our 3D scanning team can provide you with the 3D template needed to 3D print your object.

If you need 3D scanning services for your next project, contact us today. Our services are highly mobile and we have the ability to come to any location.


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The Evolution of Character

Characters in media (movies, commercials, TV and games) that require digital doubles via 3D scanning, need to be captured accurately to retain all of the unique qualities of the talent. For example, the actor/actress may have distinct facial characteristics such as scars, eye color, nose shape, and eyebrows. The level of detail you will need is determined by the proximity of the camera to the digital double.

3d head scan, digital character, scarf

3D scanning technology allows us to provide your production with realistic replication. This applies to heads, bodies, wardrobes, environments, props, and whatever else you may need to replicate. A full body and head scan along with blend shapes, facial performance, and Mocap is a grand way to bring your digital doubles to life. Throw in some cloth simulation software, dynamic hair, and voice-over to increase the amount of realism your digital doubles can bring to the screen.

dynamic cloth test

Films like Pirates of the Caribbean, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Avatar have shown us that innovation is not dead. As your 3D scanning service provider, we seek opportunities that will improve your production through our valuable service. Allow us to help you grow your toolbox by offering our services. We thank you for sharing this exciting time with us in VFX. Let’s continue the adventure.

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3D Scanning and the Character Creation Process

People, Animals and Aliens

The process of replicating a character is getting better all the time. While each process varies from company to company, the 3D model will look the same by the end of a production process that began with 3D scanning and included modeling and texturing. This is simply another pipeline for optimal workflow. The actual scanning is the fastest and easiest part of all. It is then accompanied by a professional photo shoot of the character or talent.


The photo shoot must be very clean and well done, complete with polarization to remove any highlights that might negatively affect the quality of the texture maps. We provide raw as well as .jpg files in the event any aspect of the color or lighting needs to be adjusted. The process then includes the cleanup of the 3D scan, re-topology, UV’s and texturing followed by a Zbrush touch up to add last minute details. It becomes a real work of art.

full body 3d scan

Animals are a challenge in and of themselves, but lots of fun to work with. It’s best if they are trained to stay still. You can attempt to scan an untrained animal, but you may not get the data you need. The next challenge depends on the type of hair or fur covering the animal. Layered hair is always preferred, next to the best possibility: a hairless animal, although we don’t encounter the latter all too often.

3d scanned elephant

Alien characters are rare and hard to find when you need one. The challenge with scanning prosthetics occurs when there are a variety of angles that need to be captured in order to get the complexity and detail of the character. Some wardrobes have very extreme looks with exaggerated sizes (heights of seven feet or more, etc.). Along with our need for perfection, the task may seem daunting, but it’s all in a day’s work here at TNG.

3d scanning prosthetics, alien

Founder Nick Tesi looking for love
in all the wrong places!

Whether at your location or ours, we can accommodate the most challenging situations. We have a great track record for providing on-site scanning services in different parts of the nation. What kind of character can we replicate for you?

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