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TNG Visual Effects - 3D Scanning Services

Creating a 3D Model

Whether you’re building a 3D model for film, television, or other media which calls for 3D scanning, here are some steps you can follow to make the process easier.

3d scanning services, behind the scenes

If the character you need scanned has a specific wardrobe, have the talent’s outfits and props brought with them to the shoot. If the project calls for period pieces, there is always the option to rent the costumes for the talent to wear during the scanning process. The goal is to capture everything you need to create the exact model to match the needs of your show or test run.

During the scanning process it is important that the talent stays completely still. A common tendency is to move, talk, or change expressions without thinking about it. Make sure to communicate that the less movement there is the higher the detail can be.

3d head scan

After the 3D scan is complete, there is a professional photo shoot with the talent to capture all angles of their face and body. We can also capture several facial expressions to create a variety of emotions for the digital double. You can help out the model by having a mirror nearby as you’re giving direction on what emotion they need to portray.

full body 3d scan_render with color

At the end of the process, we’ll have what we need to start processing the digital double. For best results, let the talent talk over the process with you, or prep them for the 3D scanning and let them know beforehand what is needed.

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Inertial Based Mocap Vs Optical Based Mocap

What is motion capture? Motion capture (mocap for short) is when you use technology to capture the intricate motions of an actor or actress for use in film, television or video game.

motion capture, mocap

Traditional hand key animation is a slow and tedious process. You can go through countless iterations over the course of several months to get the right movement.  With motion capture you can literally take the keying into your own hands by acting it out yourself, or by having an actor do it. This allows a Director to go through as many takes as they need in a single day of shooting. Depending on the amount of cg characters needed, an entire show could be shot in just a few days. You can also continue working on the data to create the exact animation you want for a character.  For a film, using pre-vis with motion capture can help setup shots well in advance saving time in production.

Motion capture, mocap

Inertial based motion capture has the possibility to go anywhere, and space is not a deciding factor in where and when you shoot. With Optical based motion capture systems, you are generally limited to a building with optical based cameras already set up. To bring Optical based systems to a set would be time consuming and costly, and requires a lot of prep time. Optical based systems also have pitfalls like occlusion. Occlusion happens when two markers come into close proximity and prevents the camera from seeing both markers. This could happen if you needed to cross your arms while shooting. With inertial based motion capture, there are no cameras and no line of sight issues, and everything can be up and running in 30 minutes. The sensors work like wifi remotes tracking the movement and everything is worn on the body – 17 sensors covering 15 joints. One thing to note, inertial based motion capture systems need to be used in an environment with little to no metal.


Where’s your closest TNG location?

tng vfx locations

We welcome your feedback! Comment on our blog or visit our Facebook page.

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