Pre-Vis To Full Building Scans

Identifying the needs of production early on is important when providing 3D scanning services. 3D scans can be used in previs by capturing an entire building, inside and out, and having it eventually developed into the final shot. Perhaps you have several buildings that need scanning, or a few crashed vehicles that are in the middle of a scene, all of this can be scanned quickly and efficiently, and replicated for your final shot.

building scan

We have been asked a number of times to scan sets that need to be taken down so new sets can be built. These scanned sets can then be edited, added to, or recreated in the event something changes and a clean set is needed.

tng cg town, lidar scanning, 3d scanning

What about vehicles? Perhaps you need a train or an airplane to crash into a car or truck. You may want to use a 3D scanned version of these items so they are not destroyed, and so that the shot can be taken several times. This way you are sure to get the director to sign off and agree that their vision is being captured.

3d scanned train

In our experience, scanning sets and vehicles for virtual use is the most cost effective solution for production when working on a project. We are always looking for better ways to bring you solutions that are within budget and delivered on time.


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