Replication: Cashing in on the Digital Asset

Sets, vehicles, rooms, interiors, props, and buildings can all be digitally created for the making of a video game, TV episode, or film. The resolution can be increased for films and decreased for games. Even with additional adjustments, each asset will be well worth having, especially if you can use it more than once.

full body and lidar scanning

Modeling buildings with ornate exteriors can be time consuming projects, and when comparing costs and benefits, producers found 3d scanning to be more accurate and with a faster turnaround. Choosing to use a specialist in 3D scanning can enable you to put more detail and further strategy into your production.

Vehicles are a hot item on the list of objects to create digitally using 3D scans.  Is it worth the cost to destroy them in a chase or lose them off the side of a cliff? Remember to factor in the cost of stunt drivers, insurance, wreckage removal and permits. Using 3D scanning in this situation could make the project more successful. Be sure your VFX production facility or game developer will use the 3D model fluidly in the scene.

3d scanned chevelle, lidar scanning

The ability to create many types of digital assets by way of 3D scans is here and ready to be used in your project. Put them in from the start (in Previs) and get your trailers ready. It’s time to get the most out of your digital assets. If your project is going into several entertainment genres, use your digital assets to serve you time and time, again. Now let’s go capture some data!


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