Painting a 3D Model

We’ve worked with a lot of different 3D paint packages over the years and wanted to give our fellow artists some tips on what we see as the top product in the business. One that has really stood out for us and that we feel offers the best result is  The Foundry’s MARI. We use this 3D paint software for the majority of our projects and highly recommend it. The Foundry offers a 15 day trial to test it out, or you can even rent MARI if you don’t want to purchase the software.

MARI software

The Foundry’s sample of their Painting feature.

MARI features:

  • Painting Out Seams
  • 8K Texturing Capability
  • Advanced Layering
  • Realistic Interactive Preview
  • Geometry Handling
  • Color Management
  • Texturing Outside the 0,1 UV Space

Check out their article that delves into the features and what MARI has to offer.

MARI software

The Foundry’s sample of their Advanced Layering feature.

MARI software

The Foundry’s sample of their Geometry Handling feature.


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