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3D Scanning Services for VFX

3D Scanning Services for VFX

Do Your Characters Stand Up to Photoreal Expectations?

It seems you need to achieve the impossible to amaze your audience. With so many options to get your talent or star to the big screen, you may choose to go the digital route by giving the character the ability to fly, fall off a building, freeze, burst into particles, or whatever creative way you can think of to make the character stand out.

facial expression, 3d scanning, pirate

Moving in that direction, there are still a number of choices. You can either have the character modeled from scratch, have a maquette of the character created, use a stunt person, animatronics, or 3D scan the person. The fastest and most effective way that we’ve seen is to 3D scan. A 3D scan actually creates an exact copy of the talent and can be used anytime during the film or project. The talent can also be scanned in a swim suit, or in form-fitting fitness clothes and can have different outfits built around them.

full body 3d scan, full body poses


This works well in an episodic for television or for a series of films like Lord of The Rings, The Twilight series, or Harry Potter. In the event a shot is needed and the talent is unavailable, another approach we like is the concept of insurance scanning – scanning everything you could possibly need and then archiving it until the need arises. This insures that there is always a way to finish the project.

These assets can also carry over to the interactive field or perhaps the creation of a video game made from a film concept or vice versa. Why not reuse assets? The producer may even find a way to make small VFX budgets work.

full body 3d scan

These are just some ideas on how to help keep future budgets in check. We are always looking for ways to reuse assets to stay relative to the project or to build a library, which speeds up production.


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25% Discount from Memorial Day to Independence Day

To celebrate our Independence, we are offering a 25% discount on all of our 3D Scans*. Our 3D Scanning services include heads, bodies, props and large object scanning, such as cars, buildings, trucks and airplanes. We can scan on-site or at one of our locations in Los Angeles, Louisiana, Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal. Click on this link to get your coupon today: Facebook Coupon.


*Offer valid for purchases over $1,000.00. Expires July 4, 2013.

Where is your closest location?

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Light Them Up and Shoot: VFX Photos

Getting Ready for the Photo Shoot, Full size light for Body 3D Scanning Photo Shoot

Full Size Light for Body 3D Scanning Photo Shoot

When it comes to photography for 3D scanned digital assets, everyone has their own technique to get the job done. In the early phases of 3D scanning for VFX, photographs were looked upon as pictures purely for reference. As technology has advanced, and budgets have increased, high resolution photography now includes a much more extensive set up. This is necessary in order to obtain the best quality texture maps possible. There are many different cameras and lenses to choose from, although Canon and Nikon seem to be the most popular. Factors such as megapixels, dual memory cartridge units, and an array of other features are carefully weighed when considering the best equipment to use based on your market and other needs.

Lighting will make or break your photo. Here is another area where you must thoroughly define your needs. Considering the wide variety of umbrellas, soft boxes, and other choices, it may just make you dizzy. When shooting full bodies, we need even lighting that will accommodate a person up to 7 feet in height. Mylar materials with grids will allow you to capture a polarized photo, which will eliminate unwanted hot spots. Some companies will request ‘specular’ maps, which will call for the Photoshop experts or additional equipment. It can also be accomplished with one camera shooting through two lenses. You’ll need many test shots to help you find the best way to shoot.

We choose to shoot pictures in the raw format as well as jpeg. This gives us a chance to make corrections in the event the jpegs just aren’t cutting it. This (again) requires a Photoshop expert who knows how to get the best out of that format. The jpegs are also used as reference pictures for the contact sheet our customers will receive as they select their options of 3D scans to be completed.

The pipeline is key to getting what you need from the camera and a very good understanding what the project is calling for. The average photographer cannot jump into this type of work until they have a thorough understanding of terminology and the needs of Visual Effects.

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