Celebrity English Interviews TNG Visual Effects Founder Nick Tesi

Nick Tesi, Founder of TNG Visual Effects, talks about how he entered into the Visual Effects Industry, how TNG came about, and what it takes to be an artist or scan technician at TNG in this interview by Alex Graham of Celebrity English.

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Alex Graham: Please tell us a bit about yourself and TNG Visual Effects.

Nick Tesi: I came from the area of selling hardware and software to the 3D graphics arena based on PC work stations, and in their earlier days based on silicon graphics work stations.  From there I went into motion capture. I was with the first motion capture facility in Los Angeles and we were doing a lot of work in the gaming arena, if you will, and then from there I moved into 3D scanning.

“I was one of the earliest people in that as well. I try to stay on the leading edge, or as some people call the bleeding edge of technology.”

Then prior to coming into TNG, prior to 2010, I ran a company called Eyetronics. They were out of Belgium and were a 3D scanning hardware manufacturer. After a year of trying to sell the hardware, we had discussed selling a service based on their hardware. Then we took that direction and that seemed to be a much better model to work with. I moved from selling out of my living room to selling from an office to expanding into a bigger office space with more people. At the end of the decade, 2009, they started taking a different direction that I really didn’t want to go in. I didn’t see their vision. I wanted to stay in providing services in 3D scanning so I started my own company as of 2010, and that is what I have been working on.

Alex: Fantastic industry background! Can you tell me what the difference between Special Effects and Visual Effects is?

Nick: Yes, I sure can! In talking to the industry…

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