Working with Children and Animals is a Breeze…

Scanning children and animals is the real fun part of our work. They come with no pre-conceived notions and go through the process without much complaint. However, if you are not patient with the wonderment the talent finds in the new experience, it can seem annoying.

full body 3d scan

As you do your best going over the process they are about to go through, you will find that both child and animal will have the same reaction of tilting their head and looking at you quizzically. Eventually the child will partially understand, but the animal, well, it will only be interested in its next treat.

3d head scan

Children are a lot easier to work with than you can imagine. They like to ride around on the turntable and as long as there is not real distraction, like seeing their shadow on the wall, they will stay still long enough for you to complete the scan. However, if you are on set, bring a book and your patience as the children have a lot of duties like mandatory tutoring, nap time, etc. It’s a bit different than working with an adult.

3d head scan

Animals are a different story. Everything depends on their attention span and how well they were trained. They react to their trainer but are unfortunately distracted by mother nature at times. We have found the smaller animals tend to be more nervous and don’t have the highest attention span, and although they may have been trained, they haven’t necessarily been trained to stay still.

Another factor is the type of hair the animal has, which can be a deal maker or a deal breaker. If the hair is smooth and evenly layered, it makes it workable and helps create an environment for a great scan. But, if it is more like a Pomeranian, you will need to get the clippers out!

The most sought out animals to scan have been dogs and horses followed by cats and a few other slower, more lethargic animals like the Elephant.

3d scanned animal_elephant

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