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TNG is Growing

TNG opened their Canadian Corporation in Vancouver and is now opening and expanding into Toronto and Montreal. Vancouver has been referred to as “Hollywood North” since the late 1970s and is in reference to their hold on being the third largest movie production center after Los Angeles and New York, as well as being in the same time zone and having the infrastructure in place to handle production projects. The title has also been used to describe Toronto, as well as the entire Canadian film industry as a whole, and offers extremely versatile landscapes for production studios to take advantage of, attractive tax credits, and highly skilled laborers in all aspects of production.

USA and Canada

TNG is headquartered in Los Angeles, and along with their move into the major cities in Canada, they have a location in Louisiana and have been working on projects in New York. These efforts give TNG the ability to service the production industry and major hubs in North America ensuring tax credits for production houses in those areas.


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What is 3D Scanning?

3D scanning is becoming a favored service by several industries such as entertainment, medical, crime scene investigation, and merchandising. It can be thought of as a type of photography in which you capture a person, object or scene in 3D, allowing for it to be rotated 360 degrees. You may also projection map photos on to whatever you have 3D scanned thus making a true to life in-color 3D replica that can be inserted and composited into any form of video or computer generated (CG) render.

Lidar Scanned Charger

To scan an environment, a type of 3D scanner is used that emits lasers for measurements and 3D reconstruction. This is called LIDAR, and will capture what is called a point cloud of 3D data. Accurate measurements of the real life scene will copy over to the 3D data, allowing for correct proportions, and to have an entire environment converted to 3D. This data can be used for many things, and will allow for use of 3D cameras, which are not under any type of real world constraints.

lidar scan of old building

It’s becoming more common for the main cast of a film or episodic to be 3D scanned for visual effects purposes, which include stunt work and digital manipulation through the use of 3d shaders and texture maps. Green screens are used to switch out the background on a set and allows a location to be anywhere, likewise a 3D scanned object can be inserted into any location.

For 3D scanning humans, white light technology has many advantages. It is safe, fast, and transportable while still capturing dense accurate data. An alternative is to use photogrammetry, in which DSLR cameras capture the data, and that data is fed through software with complex algorithms that can interpret the photos from 2D to 3D by having enough variety of angles for overage, determining X, Y, Z space.

3d scanning, lidar scanning

Regardless of the type of 3D scanning used, there will be post-processing to clean up the data and to fit the data into a quad shaped mesh over the 3D scan data. This will make the data more flexible, allowing for sculpting, UVs to be applied, and texture maps afterwards. At this point, the 3D object or person can be rigged (inserting digital joints/bones), and then animated either like a CG cartoon with plenty of squash and stretch, or like the real world characters like you and I.

Ultimately the result is of a 3D object that is a replica of their real life counterpart. It can be used in a CG scene or a real life scene by compositing it in. The viewer will be able to experience the performance, and may not even notice when the 3D effect is on screen. This art is becoming more seamless and allows for an array of creative choices that at one time wasn’t even possible.

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tng vfx locations

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The Freedom of Motion Capture

Over the last several years Motion Capture has taken the entertainment industry to a whole new level. Imagine The Lord of the Rings without Gollum or The Planet of the Apes without Caesar…hard to do. There are a number of systems out there that can capture motion using Optical Cameras and/ or Mechanical Cameras to create motion, and as technology evolves there will be a dozen more options to choose from.

As you begin the planning and creating of your next Motion Capture project, there are three additional elements that factor into the equation: time, quality, and cost. These three parts can feel like you’ve entered into the Devil’s Triangle, but we assure you, there’s always a way to achieve everything your project calls for.

motion capture, perception, noitom

We have been working with a company called Noitom that has taken a new direction with Motion Capture. The system is inertia based and eliminates the need for an array of massive cameras and instead creates an active area of capture. This does not mean that optical systems are not mobile, however, there is a lot more work to transport and room them, as well as setting them up. Although this may not be of concern on a very big project due to their reputation for great quality capture, if your project calls for one, two, or three people to be interacting in a smaller area, an easy to set up inertia based system may be a good fit.

Perception, motion capture

We are exploring all the capabilities and doing test captures to give you a fast and reliable experience. Once the markers are in place there are just a few calibrations and you’re off capturing incredible moves that you want to see in your project. The idea with this system is to have the moves planned and practiced ahead of time so you know exactly what you want to do and can move through quickly. Not to simplify things, but if all is done right from the start, it will be a more stress free experience.

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tng vfx locations

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Joining the California and Louisiana Locations, TNG Visual Effects Opens Satellite Office in Vancouver

Contact: Nick Tesi

TNG Visual Effects

3424 W. Carson St., Suite 210

Torrance, CA 90503 USA Toll-free: +1 877-879-2040 Local: +1 424 -237-1730 Email: info@tngvisualeffects.com

Website: http://TNGVisualEffects.com





3D Scanning service TNG Visual Effects Canada, Inc. has officially opened for business in Vancouver, with a Toronto office on the way.

vancouver, bc

Vancouver, BC

Just as Vancouver’s tax credits and talent lure many stellar productions to this growing film location, TNG Visual Effects has embraced the new territory by opening a Vancouver office supplying the quality service TNG’s clients have come to expect: an elegant and cost effective solution serving the industry’s 3D Photogrammetry needs.

Located at Park Place, 666 Burrard Street, Suite 500 in Vancouver, B.C. the new location makes three, joining the corporate office in Los Angeles and the Louisiana office next to Pixel Magic at 537 Cajundome Blvd. Ste #132 Lafayette, LA 70506. A Toronto office will open soon and is already accepting clients.

TNG Visual Effects delivers a photo-realistic digital model applicable to film, television, video game productions and more. The process is fast and efficient and for the client, is literally as simple as standing there. Offering scanning services for characters, vehicles, and interior/exterior architecture, TNG’s expert technicians scans the subject, their artists’ fine tune the model and textures, confirm the strict quality control standards are met, then the file is FTP’d to the client. The process is overseen by Founder and President Nick Tesi, who brings over 28 years 3D scanning experience to the table.

Completely mobile, TNG brings this technology to your door anywhere in North America within 24 hours, with additional services and locations planned for the near future. “As the company grows,” says Tesi “we continue to build our service, and in the interim customers will get our full size service and quality in Vancouver with local service and tax credits.” Tesi’s dedication to the craft has built an impressive client list, including Fox, Summit Entertainment, Evergreen Productions, HBO, Stargate Studios, Acne Media, Blur Studios, THQ, Midway, Sony, 2K Sports, Bioware and EA.


Contact us for your 3D scanning needs either by calling our toll-free number +1 877-879-2040 or via email info@tngvisualeffects.com /nicktesi@tngvisualeffects.com


Where’s your closest TNG location?

tng vfx locations

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