Elvis Presley for Halloween?

What better way to honor Elvis Presley than to impersonate the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll?

We took it upon ourselves to get out there and find an Elvis impersonator, who was also an expert. He came dressed in Elvis’ iconic white jumpsuit and was the same size and weight for that period. We did a full body 3D scan to get the entire suit. Our biggest challenge was replicating the transparent stones through modeling and getting them back on the suit.

full body 3d scan of Elvis

Although the performer didn’t look exactly like Elvis, we used his head as a place holder. We then looked through the web and chose a picture we felt represented that period in his life and really showed the King in full performance. We went with an action shot that captured the essence of Elvis singing his songs. We recreated that look in ZBrush and added cyber hair. We then modeled the mic stand and mic. It was a labor of love to honor such an icon and a talent.

So, if you’re Elvis this Halloween, walk proud, smile and sign lots of autographs. It would be all the better if you can sing and move too! You will bring back lots of fond memories to people who watched him or had seen him perform in the past.


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