3D Scanning for Everyone

3D scanning usually involves capturing characters and/or props to create digital assets for film sets, episodics, commercials, videos games, and music videos. If you have been following our blogs, you will know that the Visual Effects Industry is where we have shined over the last few years, but you may not know that we’ve also provided our services to museums, government owned landmarks, and most recently the manufacturing and merchandising industry. 3D scanning services can be used by any company or individual who wants or needs to create a digital asset of an existing piece. We are happy to be the portal between the real world and the 3D world, and to ensure proportions, likeness, and integrity are paramount.

Here are some examples of how different industries can use 3D scanning.

1. Manufacturing and Merchandising Industry. Scanning apparel and accessories for virtual display is a perfect way to showcase your pieces and to brand your company. The scanned pieces can be used across the internet on websites such as QVC, eBay, Amazon.com, Zappos.com, etc. With the majority of consumers shopping online, and with the Holidays coming up, this is a fast and easy way to show your customers all angles, details, and colors of your products, which may reduce the percentage of returned items.

3d scanned boot

2. Museums. Museums find 3D scanning useful for several reasons. After an artifact is scanned, the museum has the option of digitally archiving the individual pieces for future use or review. This is a type of insurance policy in the event of erosion, of a piece being damaged, or of accidental breakage. The scan can also be used to create replicas of the original art. Another option is to build a digital museum of all the artifacts available for the public to view the art in 360°.

3d scanned dollhead

3. Government Owned Landmarks and Public Art. We can scan landmarks such as monuments, public art, seals, etc. and can create a digital copy for digital display, to create a replica, or to digitally archive.

3d scanned chain reaction

4. Sculptors. Sculptors and the like can have their art scanned and archived, or scanned and ready for virtual display for art shows, their website, or to create a replica to sell to fans.

3d scanned sculpture, 3d scanning services

5. 3D Printing. 3D printing companies can use our services to create the .stl scan file needed to print a 3D model. If you’re interested in 3D printing, our 3D scanning team can provide you with the 3D template needed to 3D print your object.

If you need 3D scanning services for your next project, contact us today. Our services are highly mobile and we have the ability to come to any location.


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