Mobile Services: Tips For 3D Scanning On Site

Creating digital doubles of talent, props, vehicles, and buildings is becoming more prominent in film and television along with video game trailers and cinematics. It is vital for a company to provide a mobile service that is flexible to those involved in projects in the entertainment business. Due to their schedules being moving targets, they have come to rely on such benefits.

Mobile 3D Scanning Services

As a mobile company ourselves, here are some tips on how to provide this service, and how to best travel with your equipment.
  1. Only stay on the set as long as you’re needed. If possible, arrive and depart on the same day, or within one or two days, to save on cost. Try to travel with your equipment in the cabin so that it does not get lost in transit or in the airport.
  2. Make sure to have back-up equipment. You never know what could go wrong while you are on site, so if it is possible, carry along back-ups for each piece of equipment. Overnight shipping might work, but if you have the talent right in front of you and they are leaving that evening, it may not be an option.
  3. A mobile service needs to be reliable and produce a quality product. A decent delivery schedule is also a must. Get references if you are using someone or a company for the first time. Saving money is important, but not at the expense of losing a great shot or model.

Mobile 3D Scanning Services

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