MOTION Equals NOITOM in Mocap

Noitom’s Perception is a new inertia based Motion Capture (or Mocap) system available in North America. It’s very compact and can go nearly anywhere in its small traveling case. It is by far one of the most mobile units we’ve worked with.

Noitoms Perception, Motion Capture System

We’ve been testing Perception in our studio over the last few months and have been really surprised with how fast and easy it is to use. For us this was the real test because when you take new equipment to a production set or to a new venue for demonstration, you never know what technical problems could happen. Perception has 17 trackers to capture movement and can be easily placed on the body. After you set up a laptop and calibrate the markers via performing three poses the system,  it’s ready to go.

Noitoms Perception, Motion Capture System

Perception is supported by third party software like Autodesk Motion Builder, Maya, 3DS Max, Unity 3D and the Unreal Development Kit. You can purchase a system for yourself or you can utilize TNG’s Mocap service. It’s a fast and easy way to get the natural movement you want.



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