TNG is Growing

TNG opened their Canadian Corporation in Vancouver and is now opening and expanding into Toronto and Montreal. Vancouver has been referred to as “Hollywood North” since the late 1970s and is in reference to their hold on being the third largest movie production center after Los Angeles and New York, as well as being in the same time zone and having the infrastructure in place to handle production projects. The title has also been used to describe Toronto, as well as the entire Canadian film industry as a whole, and offers extremely versatile landscapes for production studios to take advantage of, attractive tax credits, and highly skilled laborers in all aspects of production.

USA and Canada

TNG is headquartered in Los Angeles, and along with their move into the major cities in Canada, they have a location in Louisiana and have been working on projects in New York. These efforts give TNG the ability to service the production industry and major hubs in North America ensuring tax credits for production houses in those areas.


Where’s your closest TNG location?

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