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Roles In VFX

The role of the vfx coordinator is invaluable. They act  as the information hub between artists and production teams, and keep communication clear, discrete, and easily accessible.

information sign

When they are faced with a difficult or unexpected problem, they look to their resources for creative solutions.  And when a crucial decision needs to be made, they know who to present it to.

For production, vfx coordinators maximize efficiency by handling the day-to-day responsibilities and setting measurable goals which can help locate pipeline deficiencies, budget issues, and overall time management necessary for delivery.

3d_production_timelinesimage source: upcomingvfxmovies.com

For artists, they are a filter which helps create an environment that allows the artist to focus on the task at hand.

In the face of deadlines, coordinators will find creative ways to boost team morale in an effort to push them through the final arduous hours to delivery.

full body 3d scan_render with color

It is a very human role that requires poise and appreciation of others.  Coordinators understand the small components that go into a big production, and have great comprehension of how vital each step of the process is.  And in turn, how costly each misstep could be.

They help orchestrate individual strengths and celebrate the small victories, and they keep the path to the overall objective clear and focused.


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3D Scanning: Increasing Quality, Not Cost


3d scan, facial scan

Take a look at the ultra high resolution 3D scan in the center of the above image and compare it to the standard 3D scan on the right. Do you notice how it captures more detail around the eyes and lips showing clear and defined lines around the mouth and nose?  This comes from moving to a system that matches up to .1mm of the model as opposed to .5mm. You wouldn’t think it could make a big difference, but when you look at the images above you can see right away that it does.

Why is this important? Capturing as much detail in a scan helps modelers and texture artists create a digital asset that is a true copy of the original model or object. Using a reference photo along with a detailed scan allows artists to eliminate any guess work.

We are always looking for better ways to get the detail that is needed for production whether it is for film, television episodics, commercials or game trailers and cinematic.  As time marches on in VFX, better HD quality and working toward a better cost effective solution for characters that were 3D scanned is what they are looking for.

This all goes back to the three basic needs of production: a great price, a quality product and a short time frame. Providing only two of the three basic needs will leave you in the dust. As a 3D scanning service bureau, our challenge is to provide our clients with those three basic needs, all the while having the ability to be mobile. It is a challenge, but not impossible.  If you stay in one place in this industry you will fall behind. That is why we never stop looking for the latest in technology and continue to keep our company at the forefront.


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The Benefits of Satellite Locations

As most of you have read over the past few years, more and more studios have started filming outside of Los Angeles. Some say because of the attractive tax credits in other locations, and others argue the settings and talent available. There is much debate on seeing more productions leaving Los Angeles, but this is how we see it. Yes the tax credits are a big incentive and these locations want to put their people to work, thus creating jobs and supplying more business to local businesses. It also puts them on the map, showing the world the beauty their city has to offer, which brings in a whole new clientele.

bourbon street, louisiana

Bourbon Street, LA

Since TNG first began in 2010, we made it our goal to have several satellite offices around North America to make using our services the most cost effective and flexible no matter where a project was being filmed. We also made sure to provide a service that was mobile so that if the talent couldn’t leave the set, we could come to them. We understand the needs of our customers, and doing this keeps our company viable in the global market.

vancouver, bc

Vancouver, BC

Here are the benefits we’ve seen our customers take advantage of, and how we’ve benefited from having satellite locations:

Tax Incentives. Depending on where you are located, the project location could make or break your budget. It makes sense to choose a location that is the least costly, but also unique making your project stand out.

Travel Expenses & Response Rate. By using local businesses for services needed during your project, there are no travel expenses to worry about, such as airfare, hotel stay, transportation, per diem, etc. The wait time for deliverables may be less, helping your project stay on schedule.

Preferred 3D Scan Provider. We have become the preferred provider of 3d scanning services because we are flexible and cost effective. We have benefited greatly by having our services available at a moment’s notice which has helped production stay on schedule and within budget.

Toronto Skyline

Toronto Skyline

We are in the business of serving our customers and meeting their needs. As this industry evolves, so will we, continually staying ahead of the curve.

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Transition from Creative Thought to Reality with Digital Assets

You might already know that the digital age is here and as we move into the future, more digital content will be needed to support television, movies headed to the big screen, commercials, and print ads on magazines and billboards. We haven’t even mentioned video games. If you’re in production, how long will you wait before including the necessary digital assets needed to cut time and cost?

tng cg town, lidar scanning, 3d scanning

More producers and directors have increased their usage of digital assets. This includes their set environments, foregrounds, elements or props, characters, and at times even the action taking place on the stage. We have scanned several large vehicles and areas for production, including an entire two block area of buildings on both sides of a street. By building in the present, we can use our knowledge from the past to help us turn our creative thought into reality, paying attention to current trends that aid us in this endeavor.

3d scanned locomotive, train

No, the time for 100% digital is not today or tomorrow, but it is coming.  We are ready, and will be here to help you get the data you need to include more digital assets in your production.

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Pre-Vis or Lidar or Both?

Lidar Scanning has become one of the most popular 3D scanning services on the market. The data captured can be used for Pre-Vis and then again for backgrounds, sets or large objects such as ships, tanks, commercial airplanes, etc.

Lidar scanning on site, battle ship
The scanner can be mounted on a tripod to scan a large area or object, or can be mounted on a vehicle and driven through a city or countryside collecting a lot of data very fast. If that isn’t fast enough, you can hook it to a helicopter and scan even larger areas at an even quicker pace.

This has been by far the most used technology in recent years and the most advancing. Some units can scan a 10 times higher point cloud than its predecessors. One thing to note is the need for a well equipped computer to handle data of this size.

Where can you capture lidar scanning? Nearly anywhere on our planet. Just make sure to bring a portable generator for the more remote areas.

lidar scanning, 3d scanning
Whether you are scanning a model in a studio, a celebrity for a commercial at a Baseball stadium, or an extra on set at a production site, planning is paramount to getting the best results in the shortest period of time.

Where is your closest location?

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