3D Scanning: Increasing Quality, Not Cost


3d scan, facial scan

Take a look at the ultra high resolution 3D scan in the center of the above image and compare it to the standard 3D scan on the right. Do you notice how it captures more detail around the eyes and lips showing clear and defined lines around the mouth and nose?  This comes from moving to a system that matches up to .1mm of the model as opposed to .5mm. You wouldn’t think it could make a big difference, but when you look at the images above you can see right away that it does.

Why is this important? Capturing as much detail in a scan helps modelers and texture artists create a digital asset that is a true copy of the original model or object. Using a reference photo along with a detailed scan allows artists to eliminate any guess work.

We are always looking for better ways to get the detail that is needed for production whether it is for film, television episodics, commercials or game trailers and cinematic.  As time marches on in VFX, better HD quality and working toward a better cost effective solution for characters that were 3D scanned is what they are looking for.

This all goes back to the three basic needs of production: a great price, a quality product and a short time frame. Providing only two of the three basic needs will leave you in the dust. As a 3D scanning service bureau, our challenge is to provide our clients with those three basic needs, all the while having the ability to be mobile. It is a challenge, but not impossible.  If you stay in one place in this industry you will fall behind. That is why we never stop looking for the latest in technology and continue to keep our company at the forefront.


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