Episodics On TV Have Become More Visionary

We have been honored to be a part of several new and returning episodics this year. The companies that bid on the pilots and jump into this market not only have nerves of steel, but have extremely creative ideas on how to bring the directors concepts and vision to life.

once upon a time, once upon a time in wonderland, agents of shield, sleepy hollow

The visuals need to be created at a fast pace in order to serve the episodic world. As the plot continues each week, so does constant planning and executing to get the job done. The trusted vendors and production houses are challenged with staying on target and within budget with their deliveries. Needless to say, their job is not an easy one.

Our hats go off to these tireless workers. They bring quality work that rivals film (with a lot less time and money) to our TV screens every week. Of course their mission is different than film, but their accomplishments are still amazing.

We find the episodic world to be fast and demanding, and a part of the industry that we cannot take our eyes off. If we start getting busy with film, commercials or game trailers, we still need to be on our game for the next character, prop or whatever the series calls for to scan and deliver on schedule.

The more vision and creativity the director and writers have, the more work that comes to our location. Even when there is no budget left, the sheer determination of the crew finds a way of getting it done. You can say it is the magic of visual effects, but it’s more so the magic of a truly gifted group.


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