Pilot Season 2015 is Upon Us

Pilot season is here again, and with as many good shows on network television as we’re used to seeing on cable. It makes us think the revival of TV is here.

Pilot Season

After a long period of reality shows and “Who’s Got Talent” (although we really love those shows), we think the quality of episodics on television that include visual effects is at an all time high – i.e. Marvel’s Avenger offshoots, the History Channel’s Vikings, and HBO bringing it home with Game of Thrones.


This is a rich market of companies who are pushing the limits on what they can do on a weekly series. At times the entire cast and crew only have one week to learn lines, create the effects and shoot. They are competing with effects in films costing 10’s of millions of dollars and taking a year or more to shoot. Never-the-less, these wizards pull off amazing visual effects for each episode.

GOT behind-the-scenes GOT behind-the-scenes 2Game of Thrones Behind-the-Scenes Photos

Many of the series appeal to thrill-seeking consumers. With an appetite for horror, adventure and drama, loyal fans will sit through marathons on Netflix to catch up on past seasons. It is hour after hour of commercial free programs that overwhelm the senses. You know you’ve been there.

There are hundreds of Pilots on the list this Season hoping to make it to air. For all those waiting for the new season of their favorite show, get your La-Z-Boy centered. Don’t forget to break out the popcorn and grab your favorite drink. Get ready to consume more great effects and real entertainment without leaving your home. Of course if you’re watching shows like American Horror Story, you may not be doing a lot of sleeping.

american-horror-story-freakshow-a-creepy-poster-collectionLike we’ve said before, our hats go off to those high speed wizards that are mastering the effects for our home theaters. Keep up the great work!

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