Realistic Expectations in 3D Modeling

As we progress down the road of visual effects and this industry, we marvel at how many projects we’ve had a chance to be a part of. Of course we would love to have our 3d models be the star of every action scene, but even in the cases where the scene is static and the character or item gets blown up, set on fire or put in a situation where live action doesn’t make sense, still we are proud of our work.

All of that being said, our job is not an easy one. Our challenge is producing a product that can stand on its own, especially in the eye of the public. But, this pressure is what drives us.

3d scan_full body_lidar_large vehicle and building

Before our products are viewed by the public, they go through a series of quality control, not only by us but by the receiving company or group that needs to make the model work in their scene or production. On a complicated model or character, the detail is the start of the mountain we climb. That, coupled with the amount of time we have to complete a project, can further complicate the climb. Although, the deadline alone is not the killer.

The 3 challenges that most modeling and scanning companies face are:

  1. Budget
  2. Quality
  3. Speed

full body 3d scan

In this economy with so many smaller companies going belly up, not many account managers will agree to only having two of the three choices listed above. They would be more afraid of the VFX producer saying, “Well you are one of three companies bidding, so is that your final answer?” No, they want it all. So the best thing a modeling or scanning company can to do is to try and conquer the best 2 out of 3, and if possible add a buffer somewhere in the event a real problem pops up.

We all know stuff happens that is out of our control, so we pivot and get it done. Quality is what we all want, and what ultimately separates the companies that can from the companies that can’t. If what we do was easy, anyone could do it. We know the VFX bar is always rising; it’s just too bad the budgets aren’t following an upward swing as well.


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