The Freedom of Motion Capture

Over the last several years Motion Capture has taken the entertainment industry to a whole new level. Imagine The Lord of the Rings without Gollum or The Planet of the Apes without Caesar…hard to do. There are a number of systems out there that can capture motion using Optical Cameras and/ or Mechanical Cameras to create motion, and as technology evolves there will be a dozen more options to choose from.

As you begin the planning and creating of your next Motion Capture project, there are three additional elements that factor into the equation: time, quality, and cost. These three parts can feel like you’ve entered into the Devil’s Triangle, but we assure you, there’s always a way to achieve everything your project calls for.

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We have been working with a company called Noitom that has taken a new direction with Motion Capture. The system is inertia based and eliminates the need for an array of massive cameras and instead creates an active area of capture. This does not mean that optical systems are not mobile, however, there is a lot more work to transport and room them, as well as setting them up. Although this may not be of concern on a very big project due to their reputation for great quality capture, if your project calls for one, two, or three people to be interacting in a smaller area, an easy to set up inertia based system may be a good fit.

Perception, motion capture

We are exploring all the capabilities and doing test captures to give you a fast and reliable experience. Once the markers are in place there are just a few calibrations and you’re off capturing incredible moves that you want to see in your project. The idea with this system is to have the moves planned and practiced ahead of time so you know exactly what you want to do and can move through quickly. Not to simplify things, but if all is done right from the start, it will be a more stress free experience.

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