Tips on 3D Scanning

3D Scanning is great for facial expressions. To use these, each scan needs to have the same poly count and point order of the last scan, also known as blend shapes. Here are some before and after images that we’ve worked on in the past.
Facial Expression Capture, 3d scans3d scan expressions

3D Scanning is also great for creating a digital copy of any vehicle that needs to be used in a commercial or  film. Most scanners will not scan a shiny object or window, therefore you will need to prepare the car. Most times a good coat of wax will let you get the data you need and you can cover the windows with paper or another material to give you a surface to re-project the tinted class for the area. You will also need to either tape or wax all the chrome. One last tip is to mark the cars. You may find a lot of flat areas that will not stitch together and the markers give you point of reference.

chevelle, 3d scan, vehicle scan, lidar scan

If you’re thinking about using a 3D scanning service bureau for your next project, we have lots of experience and can help you find a good deal, or do the service ourselves. We’ll leave you with a little quote from Bob Maowad, “Help others get ahead. You will always stand taller with someone else on your shoulders.”


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