Transition from Creative Thought to Reality with Digital Assets

You might already know that the digital age is here and as we move into the future, more digital content will be needed to support television, movies headed to the big screen, commercials, and print ads on magazines and billboards. We haven’t even mentioned video games. If you’re in production, how long will you wait before including the necessary digital assets needed to cut time and cost?

tng cg town, lidar scanning, 3d scanning

More producers and directors have increased their usage of digital assets. This includes their set environments, foregrounds, elements or props, characters, and at times even the action taking place on the stage. We have scanned several large vehicles and areas for production, including an entire two block area of buildings on both sides of a street. By building in the present, we can use our knowledge from the past to help us turn our creative thought into reality, paying attention to current trends that aid us in this endeavor.

3d scanned locomotive, train

No, the time for 100% digital is not today or tomorrow, but it is coming.  We are ready, and will be here to help you get the data you need to include more digital assets in your production.

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