VFX: The 3D Scanning Market

Your next project may have a list of items and/or talent that need to be 3D scanned, and your budget may be looking more anemic than plentiful. That’s when you need to ask yourself if everything on that list actually needs to be scanned.

3d scan_full body_lidar_large vehicle and building

If finding where to make cuts is too early to tell, or if you are wondering how to make your budget stretch without cutting back on other visual effects, here are  a couple of suggestions that may help.

  1. Consider choosing the items and models that you know you absolutely need scanned right away and have the other models scanned on contingency. There may be some scanning charges, but remember the bulk of the cost is on the build out, not the scanning. This is a quick and fairly easy option to make sure you have what you need, when you need it.
  2. Having one vendor do all of the 3D scanning for your project is another option, and will save you on time and money. The world of visual effects gets larger as the budgets get smaller, and you need options. What happens if at the end of the day you need everything on your list? If you use one vendor, a lot of times they will offer a great deal on pricing. There is also the peace of mind knowing you can manage the project from one place, along with the asset point of view.

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The VFX market is evolving and becoming a staple in all parts of the world. We are now seeing VFX films going off shore or being filmed in Canada. This has been giving new companies from all over the world the ability to bid on any project.

dynamic cloth test

Remember to look at your options and at the capability of the company you are about to work with. Ask yourself these two questions: Will they deliver when you need it? Can you use what they deliver? When shopping in the world market, this is the great dilemma we all face.


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