When Is Our 3D Scanning Job Complete?

We just finished a complex scanning job that involved several large elements – all to be 3D scanned on stage using Lidar Scanners – within one day.

We were asked to scan all of the elements immediately because one of the sets was scheduled to be immersed in a water tank, which would make it difficult and possibly more time consuming to scan later.

lidar scan of building

To complete this job, we needed to coordinate not just our scanning schedule and professional photo session, but also plan around the various painters, the special effects crew, the riggers, the grip and electric crews, and the production department – all of whom also needed access to the same elements in order to meet their own deadlines.

Naturally, the crew’s workflow constantly changed, so we had to work around these shifting schedules; however, because we were well prepared, and had carefully coordinated with each of the various department heads, we were able to successfully scan all of the required objects within a normal day’s schedule.

lidar scan, building scan, large area scan

For TNG, it’s not just about creating an exceptional 3D scan, but it’s also about accommodating our client and their own schedules throughout the entire process. We keep our clients continuously updated on the progress of each stage of cleanup and texturing. Our job is complete when our customers walk away with a smile and the satisfaction that the project was accomplished not just professionally, but also as smoothly as possible.

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