Why Choose 3D Scanning for VFX Production?

As a VFX Producer the decision to 3D scan starts with the decision to deliver solutions which provide the best visual support to execute your story.

full body 3d scan

There are many different technological options available and each comes with it’s own limitations, advantages and costs. I’ve found the best scanning companies deliver consistent quality, competitive pricing and offer inventive solutions to create value for a show’s 3D digital assets.

Full body 3d scan

full body 3d scan plus textures

Choosing a reliable source during bidding requires developing a relationship with your vendor, clear production specs, and multiple conversations to guarantee the same artistic expectations are met during the entire production process.

Quality can be compromised in the rush of shooting on set or location, choice of 3D scanning equipment or shortened turnarounds, so working with vendors who are experienced and can respond quickly is important to getting good 3D digital assets.

I’ve found 3D scanning to be a valuable tool for resolving a multitude of production needs which would otherwise be too expensive or difficult to execute. The ability to pull clean precise digital assets using this technology is a great option to have for any producer working in the entertainment and media industry.

– Visual Effects Producer

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